Moving To Australia – What A Life Change!

Moving To Australia - What A Life Change!So I thought I would write off-topic and just provide an update of our move to Australia as not done so for a while. I am now well into my third year living in the southern hemisphere and what a rollercoaster it has been!

People think it is so easy just to up and move to the other side of the world but the reality is, it’s far from straight forward. But having said that, it was by far our best decision to make the move and I don’t think I could now ever be tempted to move back to London.

You rely on your car a lot living here, everything is always ’20 minutes’ away, it’s like they had this in mind when building the infrastructure “Yeah just stick it 20 mins away” and it’s funny how far you can actually travel in 20 minutes over here, miles and miles, which as all Londoners will know, 20 mins gets you about 20 yards in peak hour traffic!

I am missing a few things though and I guess that’ll never change as there are always things that are going to be very much different from home, especially when you move 12,000 miles away!

Firstly, a decent curry! I cannot seem to find one for love or money over here? Apart from a couple of restaurants here, all the curries taste bland and when you ask for a vindaloo and expect it to be nice and hot, it’s pretty disappointing to find again, a bland curry with a bit of chilli powder thrown in, not good!

An, of course, the obvious, a great British Pub! The look, the smell, the regulars. There is something about a British Boozer that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world (no matter how hard they try!) and don’t get me wrong here, there are some lovely pubs here with nice craft beers and fantastic food, but I do miss the hustle and bustle and a fruit machine strategically homed in the corner of a pub!

Apart from the above two staples, there’s not much more I miss from England, friends and family aside that is, I think I must be very settled in now I am over the first couple of years living in Australia. Funny how things change, as a teenager if you’d have said I’d be living in Australia with two kids I’d have laughed at you! Crazy, crazy times!


Stating The Obvious – It Gets Hot!

Yep, it gets bloody hot here summers are long and hot and yes it’s nice but some days it’s so bloody hot, you feel like you’re about to start seeing mirages all over the place, swimming pools in the middle of the road is the usual suspect! Moving To Australia - What A Life Change!

Jokes aside, if you are thinking of moving here, be warned the sun, coupled with a trillion flies in summer, although seems trivial, can actually be a major factor in folks moving back to Blighty as they just can’t put up with it anymore, it does happen!

One thing that is difficult to get your head around is a hot Christmas. It just isn’t the same to be perfectly honest. Nothing beats that cold Christmas morning with the heating on, turkey in the oven and Gremlins on the box! I just don’t care for seafood on the beach and swimming pooled cocktail lunches, not my cuppa! Although cooking a whole ham on the barbie is becoming somewhat of a tradition in my house. They’ll never take my turkey and Yorkshire puddings though, that’s standard procedure!

I do want my children to see London at Christmas time, the lights of regent street, the entertainers at Covent garden, the Christmas market at Waterloo, Hamleys etc. The cold but Christmassy atmosphere of London is something you’ll not find anywhere else in the world, Perth included, London just does it so well, always has!

Spring is particularly lovely as you get still get those beautiful blue skies, but a comfortable climate and cool breeze seem to take the edge off, craft beers all day long in spring!

Winter, believe it or not, does get chilli! As a hardened pom when you first step of the plane you take the masculine tone of, “it’s not cold, it’s nice” but I am now finding myself complaining of cold mornings during winter although the sun does make an appearance in the afternoon allowing temperatures to rise to a very pleasant level.

Cold winters that bite and last forever just do not exist in Western Australia, but they do see rain, sometimes so much so you wonder how Australia is the dryest country on the planet! If you plan to visit during winter, Perth does see some incredible lightning storms some very photogenic indeed, budding snappers will be rewarded with massive forks of striking blue lightning and as everywhere is so flat, you are often treated to some epic displays, so enjoy!



Is It A Good Place To Raise Children?

A question repeatedly asked by people looking to move to Australia and the answer is simple. Yes. From what I have seen so far, Australia and Perth, in particular, is an excellent place to raise your kids. It’s relatively safe here and the education system works well, kids seem to be happy here and with so much good weather, outdoor activities and sport are in abundance and of course if you are a beach lover, there’s nowhere better to be, some of the beaches here are world class, end of!

Compared to London, crime is low and you don’t see many groups of kids loitering the streets. Listen, nowhere is paradise and Australia, just like anywhere in the world, has its issues but I would rather my kids be here than back ‘home’ in London, which really is a sad statement to deploy, but that statement I will hold the test of time I believe.


Snakes, Spiders and Sharks!

I remember when I first told one of my close colleagues about my pending move to Australia, he said “Why do you want to move there? There are so many things that can kill you!”  Moving To Australia - What A Life Change!

Many English people let their imaginations run wild and always ask questions like, “Do you just see snakes going down the street” there’s really no need to panic, you don’t bump into snakes when you’re bringing the newspaper in from the post box!

I’ve lived in Australia for over three years and been on holiday here many times prior and I’ve yet to see a snake out in public although this does happen from time to time, they won’t warm unless provoked I’m forever told.

We have our house ‘sprayed’ by a pest control company once a year for spiders as there are some nasty spiders known as ‘Red Backs’ and ‘White Tails’ that can make you seriously ill and even cause death in the very young or elderly, but the pest control keeps them at bay. no problems at all.

As for sharks, well, sometimes I am too afraid to venture too far into the water, Jaws is one of my favourite movies after all!

There are quite a few shark attacks that happen here, to combat this some local councils have taken to installing shark nets within waters that are heavily used by swimmers and surfers, these nets seem to be welcomed with open arms by beach-goers and the nets are designed in such a way that they do not harm any other wildlife in the ocean which of course, is an excellent touch.

So yes, there are many things that can harm you in Australia, but thankfully, they tend to keep themselves to themselves and you are still more likely to be harmed using the roads than you are the beaches!

All in all, I love living here in Australia with my family and if you have any questions or would like further info on migrating if you are thinking of making the big move, then please feel free to get in touch!

Hope you enjoyed my brief update and I look forward to writing further updates in the future!

Stay safe,


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